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Can you really reduce belly fat by refining your abs?

por GuoxinWei en May 12, 2021


  To lose belly fat, first you need to understand what belly fat is

  Belly refers to the upper part of the human abdomen due to the accumulation of fat, hoarded in the belly around the flab, generally in front of the waist to form some flab, which is often said by girls on the belly of a few rings, the more flab, the more rings, both boys and girls want a flat belly, female to best to come to some vest line, boys to a little abdominal muscle.


  How is the formation of belly fat

  Due to the work of some people, to often in the office for a long time sedentary, and long-term sedentary will lead to the accumulation of waist flab.

  What is the effect of sit-ups on belly fat

  Although the sit-ups are exercise abdominal, but do not underestimate the power of the belly, simply do sit-ups are not so effective, must be combined with aerobic exercise to lose belly, sit-ups are for the abdominal muscle training, and not a particularly large weight loss effect, there are many people have some misconceptions about this.

  Belly to abs

  Some aerobic exercises may help you eliminate belly fat

  Lie down and bend your knees: lie down, hands flat on your sides, knees at 90 degrees, exhale and pull your knees towards your right shoulder, reply, pull them towards your right shoulder, repeat 10 times.

  Lateral bending knee.

  Lie flat, hands flat on both sides, knees at 90 degrees, use the strength of the feet to the right side of the press to 15 centimeters from the floor, exhale, reply, then inhale, press to the left side, repeat 10 times on each side.

  Summary: adhere to be able to resist the tenacious belly, do sit-ups and can not have a very obvious effect, must be combined with aerobic exercise can have a good effect, wish you all in the day to complete their dreams.