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During fat loss, how much protein should be consumed daily

por GuoxinWei en May 20, 2021


  When it comes to weight loss, protein is naturally essential. I believe that many people who work out know the importance of protein to the human body. Protein is the basis of life activities, not only for weight loss and healthy people is very important, in fact, our daily life of everyone's diet, can not be separated from protein. In addition to assisting muscle growth, protein can also promote better body recovery. However, studies have shown that nearly 90% of people, do not know whether their bodies lack protein.

  How much protein do you really need to consume every day

  Weight kilograms multiplied by the amount of exercise, is your daily protein intake requirements. The actual protein intake of the people with low activity level is multiplied by 0.8, such as computer people, drivers, etc.; people with medium activity level are multiplied by 1.3; people with high activity intensity, that is, people who lose weight through exercise, need more protein, multiplied by 1.8. This is how you can calculate whether the protein you eat is sufficient.

  When the protein is not enough, the body may have these 6 performances

  Always want to eat sweet. During fat loss, if you always want to eat sweet, it may be that you lack protein. One of the very important functions of protein is to keep the balance of blood sugar stable, if the body lacks protein, it is likely to cause large fluctuations in blood sugar, the body will be very eager for sugar food, always want to eat sweet things. Sugar is one of the main causes of obesity, protein content is too low early although there will not be a big problem, but with the increase in consumption, for the body is also a great burden. While losing weight, be sure to focus on protein supplementation.

  The weight changes a lot. If the protein intake is too little, but the calories are sufficient, it means you are not digesting well. If both protein and calorie intake are very little, the body will use protein as energy, at which point the person will have a day-to-day loss of weight. But others will spike in weight and the body's metabolic rate decreases as a way to ensure normal activity.

  Muscles become flabby. In the process of weight loss, if you do not pay attention to protein supplementation, the muscle tone will be weakened while losing fat. Adequate protein intake can prevent muscles from becoming flabby, which is why healthy people need to drink a lot of protein powder. If there is not enough protein, the body will need a lot of time to repair the injured muscle group silks and the muscles will age too fast and

  Massive hair loss. If the head does not get enough nutrients, it will cause the hair strands to become thin, which will lead to a lot of hair loss, and the reason for this, and protein deficiency is also very related, protein is the raw material for the construction of all cells, and hair follicles are no exception. If you have recently lost a lot of hair, it is likely that your body does not have enough protein and you need to improve it in time.

  Decreased immunity. Poor health, a small cold is difficult to fight through, it is likely to indicate that your immune system problems. When the body does not have enough protein, immunity will also be affected, the body is easy to have small problems.

  Lack of concentration. If you are always lethargic and don't look energetic, it may also be related to insufficient protein. When the body lacks protein, the person's alertness will be reduced, it is easy to have a lack of concentration performance.