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Joint injuries, so that 80% of fitness practitioners more disabled

por GuoxinWei en May 23, 2021


  Fitness action is not right, the joints are easy to scrap. For the fitness crowd this is not an exaggeration. Incorrect fitness and unscientific fitness methods are destroying countless fitness movement problems or do not pay attention to joint health, which may lead to running knee injuries, squat injuries back injury knee injuries, bench press injuries shoulder injuries elbow injuries, before you start practicing has been joint discomfort.

  Long-term fitness without attention to joint health may lead to two results: one is from the cervical thoracic lumbar spine, there is no place to be comfortable. The second is from the foot to the ankle to the knee, there is no place that does not hurt. Exercise and fitness is a very healthy lifestyle, this is the concept of many people, in fact, this concept itself does not have any problems, but many people with the wrong way to practice, may lead to negative effects.

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  There are five common ways for the fitness crowd to protect their joints as follows.

  1, often through the myofascial release to reduce muscle fatigue, thereby reducing joint stress.

  2, stretching and relaxing muscles to enhance joint flexibility and reduce the risk of strain.

  3, pay attention to the standardization of movements, the weight is not too heavy at first.

  4, pay attention to muscle recovery, do not re-fatigue state for large weight training.

  5, pay attention to nutritional supplements to improve physical recovery and health.