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Pectoral muscle training myths

por GuoxinWei en May 12, 2021


  Pectoral muscles are the mark of a strong man, large pectoral muscles are very enviable, so we will try to exercise pectoral muscles, of which there are many people the effect is not very obvious, in fact, because it is the method may have problems.

  Torso position is not placed right.

  This is a big problem, before you start doing the action, you want your torso to go how to put, such as push-ups, the standard position is to put your hands under your chest to support the ground, not the front of your head, do the bench press to keep your chest up, back slightly bent, shoulders completely against the flat, the first to the last round you should keep this position.

  Too few or too many sets.

  Many people focus on the size of the weight, rather than the quality and quantity, the recommended group to do 12, so the effect will be better, not too little or too much, too little no effect, too much injury to the body, 12 or some people feel very little, but the standard 12 is really quite difficult.

  Ignore the recovery action.

  Most novices will not be in this problem, resulting in the effect is not very good, they are very fast to do a movement, such as push-ups quickly to complete a, no recovery action, time will have muscle strain situation, so to do slowly, give the muscle a recovery time.

  Ignore the angle.

  This is the problem of the need for muscle training in the medium term, you often do a group of the same exercise, you will find that at first the effect is very good, and then the effect is not very obvious, in fact, this is because the muscle has adapted to the intensity of the exercise, you should try to change the angle, exercise different muscle groups, so that the effect will be obvious.

  Summary: effort without direction is a waste of effort, scientific training plus good nutritional supplements. The effect is more awesome.