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Lightning specials! Second kill! voltrx Shaker Bottle classic protein powder electric shaker bottle

por GuoxinWei en March 19, 2021

  voltrx Shaker Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, Purple/Purple, 28-Ounce Loop Top, today this voltrx Shaker Bottle cup is specially prepared for sports, fitness and nutrition and health care professionals. Although the design is simple, it is very practical. This protein The powder cup is specially used to prevent coagulation and incomplete dilution when brewing powdery items such as protein powder.

electric protein mixer bottle

  The lid and grip of the cup are made of soft silica gel, which is more comfortable to use. It is completely water-proof and has no peculiar smell. It opens and closes smoothly. The unique super stirring ball (patent) can completely dissolve protein powder and ice coffee. Without PBA, the ball in the blenderball agitator is patented and is a surgical grade stainless steel material. Fashionable rubber grip, leak-proof design, reasonable sports design, it is also very convenient to carry when going out. From then on, you will never drink lumps of things again. When you don’t drink protein powder, take out the small balls as an exercise. Water cups are also suitable.