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America's most professional voltrx Shaker Bottle

por GuoxinWei en March 29, 2021


  For fitness enthusiasts, during exercise, the most important thing is to replenish protein in time. Before ingesting, the protein powder must be fully shaken in the protein shaker.

  Many electric shaker bottles are wasteful because they are not professional enough to effectively integrate protein into the liquid, so you need to open your eyes and choose a reliable rock cup. Today, I would like to recommend the voltrx Shaker Bottle ProStakSystem protein powder protein shaker + storage box.

  This is really super hot, Brand Poto protein shaker, must be recommended for fitness parties. "The design is very cool and very practical. Take your own two powder boxes, a two-piece box, which can be connected to the whole cup. With this design, all kinds of fitness supplements can be placed in one cup. Patented surgical grade 316 The stainless steel mixing ball allows you to easily shake all kinds of substitute powder, protein powder, muscle powder, enzyme powder, and can also make the milkshake quite silky. The sealing performance of the whole cup is also very good, and there is a hanging ring in the place of the flip lid. Pick it up and go, you can also hang up the key and wait for the little things that are standing. The function is the rhythm of dumping a few ordinary cups, which is great!

  Contains: 22 ounces (about 650 ml) voltrx Shaker Bottle protein shaker, 150 ml individual packaging box, 100 ml individual packaging box, and a flat tray.

  Brand Boto was established in 2000 and is an American brand. Most of its products are designed for fitness enthusiasts. Its patented hybrid ball shaker is the most famous.

  Brand Poto protein powder protein shaker is a common PO in various health Weibo photos, and it is also a good partner of major celebrity gyms in Europe and the United States.

  Uncle Wolf and Popo are the same way of fitness.

  The mixing ball in the voltrx Shaker Bottle mixing cup:

  Possess proprietary patented technology

  The surgical grade stainless steel stirs the protein powder with a common water cup, which solves the problem that the egg white powder cannot be stirred evenly.

  Stir the cup body in the cup: The cup lid and hand rest are made of soft silica gel, which is more comfortable to use, completely without leakage, completely without peculiar smell, and smooth opening and closing. Does not contain PBA, is safe and non-toxic, uses Fangxin.

  On the basis of the original shaker, the Prostak series also adds independent storage space for protein powder and medicine, and the design is more user-friendly. When you go to the gym, you can take out and distribute the supplements you need to take without having to take a bunch of big bottles.

  You can hold the key on the handle! Is it too convenient?

  There are more details, wide bottle mouth, easy to clean~

  Double scale design, can clearly see the beverage scale.

  Choosing this professional voltrx Shaker Bottle protein shaker will not only make your fitness performance stressful, but also the effect of your exercise will be twice the result with half the effort!