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Things to consider when choosing the best electric shaker bottle

por GuoxinWei en March 27, 2021


  Best protein shaker bottle has a variety of bottle types and different mixing mechanisms. Some electric shaker bottles can also be used as water bottles, while others can also hold hot and cold beverages. When choosing the most suitable milk bottle for protein drinks or even fruit juice, the liquid capacity, leak-proof quality and cleaning requirements of the bottle should also be considered.

  Continue reading to learn about the most popular flask functions to help you choose the most suitable for you and your needs.


  This Best protein shaker bottle is made of a variety of materials, including stainless steel, glass, and bisphenol A and phthalate-free ingredients. Stainless steel is the most durable material. Whether it is on the outside or inside of the Best protein shaker bottle, it can protect it from falling and avoid violent impact on internal components (such as steel wire grinding balls). Many shaker bottles have anti-odor and anti-bacterial capabilities to prevent the absorption of the odor and taste of previous protein drinks or smoothies and limit the growth of bacteria.


  The capacity of    baby bottles varies, usually between 12 ounces and 32 ounces. The amount that suits you depends on your favorite protein drink or smoothie. Beverages made with protein powder require more volume to ensure smooth mixing. Smaller bottles are ideal for snacks, and beverages that replace meals are best suited for larger bottles. For more convenience, measurement marks are also displayed on the shaker bottle so that the various ingredients can be easily combined during the journey.

electric protein mixer bottle

  Sealing cap

  Best protein shaker bottle has a variety of options to keep it closed, and which style to choose depends on your preference. Some provide traditional screw or snap ring caps with rotating caps or sliding caps, which are drinkable. Others have a big mouth to adapt to drinking and pouring habits. If you plan to prepare a protein drink or smoothie in advance, and then refrigerate it for several hours, a sealed shaker bottle is a sub-project. The electric shaker bottle cover has a loop, sometimes adjustable, for easy transportation on the go. However, the most important function of the bottle cap may be to prevent water leakage and prevent it from being spilled on clothes, gym bags or cars.

  mixed system

  Shake bottle provides two main mixing systems: stainless steel wire sweep ball or removable plastic stirrer. As far as the consistency of vibration is concerned, both systems have relatively similar results. In addition, some electric shaker bottles are designed to improve the mixing effect without these additional ingredients. If you don't want a shaker bottle with a manual mixing system, an electric bottle can provide the smoothest protein drinks and smoothies, but it is also a bit bulky and requires more cleaning. Normally, you can use the mixing system 20 for severe swings so that you can completely mix all the ingredients without using electricity. Also remember that before adding protein powder, pour the liquid into the bottle to help eliminate excess powder.

  Extra carriage

  Shaker bottles sometimes have double beverage compartments. Each compartment can hold a single drink, which is ideal for putting protein drinks in bottles before and after exercise. Other electric shaker bottles also include additional storage compartments that can hold everything from protein powder to supplements.

  Dishwasher compatibility

  The dishwasher’s safe shaker bottle is convenient for daily use. However, remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions, because sometimes not all bottle parts can be washed in the dishwasher, or the bottles are safe only on the top shelf. If the dishwasher is not safe, wash the bottle and its parts manually with detergent and water.

  Our choice

  After reviewing some of the top electric shaker bottles for protein drinks, we have listed some of the best electric shaker bottles on the market based on the types and functions of these bottles.