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Friends, it's time for you to change the protein shaker bottle!

por GuoxinWei en March 22, 2021

  Whey protein powder, one of the essential basic supplements for healthy people

  can hold an electric shaker bottle after training

  shake it up elegantly and witty

  Drinking fragrant protein powder that brings pleasure

  is a leisure time that every bodybuilder enjoys

  a perfect training course

  Friend, do you know how often the electric shaker bottle needs to be changed?

  Fitness enthusiasts use the electric shaker bottle to brew protein powder to better dissolve the protein powder. Most of the electric shaker bottles are made of food-grade PP heat-resistant plastic, and a few are made of stainless steel, silica gel, etc.

  breed bacteria

  Our electric shaker bottle is the first choice to contain protein powder. Protein powder, which can produce nitrogen-containing organic matter, is particularly easy to breed bacteria after it is left. It provides a suitable environment for bacteria in the electric shaker bottle to multiply over time. Over time your electric shaker bottle will stink. Some lazy people who don't wash an electric shaker bottle overnight will definitely stink!

  Even if you rinse the electric shaker bottle every time you drink it, due to the solubility and viscosity of various protein powders, it will remain in the recesses, edges, and bottoms that are difficult to clean. After all, high protein wants to It’s too difficult not to breed bacteria. My friend, maybe you have used the electric shaker bottle for more than half a year. Hundreds of millions of little brothers are holding a dance party on it~

  Even after you have washed it, there are still water droplets that have not dried up to the bottom of the cup, which also provides a good environment for the bacteria brothers.

  The    electric shaker bottle has become a place to hide dirt. Not only does it not allow us to better absorb nutrients, but it becomes a vector for infectious diseases or a bane of inducing diseases.

  oral problems

  Long-term use of the same electric shaker bottle can easily cause oral problems. There are a large number of bacteria in the human oral cavity, such as Candida albicans, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus hemolyticus and so on. The mouth of the cup that comes into contact with the electric shaker bottle is particularly easy to allow bacteria to enter the electric shaker bottle. With the addition of the groove in the mouth of the cup and the anti-leakage device such as silica gel, it is particularly easy to retain protein powder. This type of bacteria is easier to multiply and will be buried over time. The bane of oral problems.

gatorade shaker bottle

  Replacement frequency

  For our health, under normal circumstances, the plastic electric shaker bottle should be replaced within 1-2 months according to the frequency of drinking powder one or two times a day. The electric shaker bottle also needs to be taken care of. After using the electric shaker bottle, in addition to washing it, try to minimize the water droplets in the electric shaker bottle. The electric shaker bottle should also be placed in the sun occasionally to disinfect and sterilize. The place of the bottle should be ventilated and dry, otherwise it will breed bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

  Hey, my friend

  for your health

  for your muscles

  Replace your electric shaker bottle like the frequency of a toothbrush

  So, hurry up and send an electric shaker bottle to your dear ta~