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Why should bodybuilders try to reject deep-processed foods?

por GuoxinWei en March 21, 2021

Deep-processed food means the loss of nutrition. In fact, not only fitness people, but non-fitness people should also abide by this rule. Let's talk about it in detail next.

  Food deep processing is to process one or several food raw materials into food or other products. Most packaged foods we can buy can basically be classified as deep-processed foods. Such as canned food, skimmed milk, bread and so on. It is not that all deep-processed foods are not good, but that most of the deep-processed foods have lost their nutrients compared to the original staple ingredients. The best thing is to refuse deep-processed foods as much as possible.

  First, deep-processed foods usually contain other additives such as preservatives. We usually don't know whether they affect the human body or the amount of the additives. Although the country has laws and regulations to restrict them, the specific operations of the business are not known. We know that food safety is always a very eye-catching topic. Making your own nutritious meals must be safer and more secure than buying deep-processed foods!

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  Second, the deep processing of food is usually accompanied by the loss of nutrients. For example, skimmed milk, although a large amount of milk fat is removed, but at the same time the nutrients in the milk are also lost. Skimmed milk removes part of the fat of normal milk, reducing the fat content to less than 0.5%, which is less than 1/7 of the fat content of ordinary milk. It has no fragrance, so the taste is worse than that of whole milk. Secondly, some fat-soluble substances in milk (such as vitamins A, D, E, K) will be lost during the degreasing process. In addition, milk fat contains many anti-cancer substances, especially conjugated linoleic acid, which may also be lost to a certain extent. Another example is canned food, which destroys vitamins during processing; a large amount of sugar is added to canned fruit, and high sugar content increases the load on the pancreas; therefore, due to the high heat sterilization of canned food in the production process, the nutrient content of canned fruits and vegetables will be very Big loss.

  Deep-processed foods have brought us great convenience, whether it’s instant noodles or ham sausages, etc., but qualified bodybuilders must know that although they provide a lot of convenience, they are far from being clean, hygienic and nutritious. . This appeals to every bodybuilder to master the necessary cooking methods. Cooking a healthy meal, but retaining its nutrition to the maximum, and at the same time having a good taste, it is really difficult to make such a nutritious meal, but it is not completely infeasible!