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Bodybuilders train a lot, how to break muscle twitches at night?

por GuoxinWei en March 21, 2021

  Muscle cramps that occur at night are usually due to nerve contractions or exaggerated manifestations of normal tendon reflexes. Have you ever had this kind of experience in fitness? Or you are struggling, and the problem already exists, so how to solve it?

  When you sleep, a certain sleeping position may cause nerve contraction. Or you may contract a muscle when changing your sleeping position, causing tension in the connected tendons. The tightened tendons send a message to the spinal cord, which is then transmitted to the muscles, causing the muscles to contract more strongly and causing cramps. In fact, no matter what causes the night cramps, the root cause is that these muscles are "blocked" for some reason. The key to solving the problem is to stop cramps before they happen.

  The following are some ways to improve. If it still can't be solved, it needs professional doctors to intervene.

  1. Stretch your muscles before going to bed

  Spend a few minutes before going to bed to stretch muscles that tend to cramp. The calf is usually the most prone to night cramps. Use the "long-distance runner stretching method."

  Extend both legs fully:

  One. Stand facing the wall with your feet 60 to 90 cm away from the wall. Place your palms against the wall, shoulder width apart;

  Two. Keep your legs straight and your heels on the ground, then slowly bend your elbows and lean forward until your calves feel tight. Fix this posture and return to the initial position after counting from one to eight.

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  Ensure adequate calcium intake

  Night cramps are usually related to calcium deficiency. Eat calcium-rich foods such as broccoli, spinach, and dairy products.

  Three, reduce the load

  Sometimes leg and foot cramps are caused by the overweight quilt. Set aside these quilts and try to cover a light duvet.

  Fourth, massage the muscles

  If you take precautions and still have cramps, do a long massage on the cramped muscles towards the heart. Or, you can do this even before the lights are turned off at night; sometimes a massage before going to bed can relax the muscles so that cramps will not occur by daylight.