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How to remove the ecstasy protein powder smell in Shaker Bottle?

por GuoxinWei en March 25, 2021

  Protein powder is a great elf. It helps a lot in the process of muscle fiber growth to achieve the purpose of muscle gain.

  When we walk into the gym, after training, we will take out the portable protein powder that we carry with us to flush with water. At this time, the shaker bottle is an indispensable existence. It must not leak, otherwise it will taste a sweet protein powder water mixture. The second problem caused by this high degree of sealing is-no matter how hard you wash, the clean shaker bottle will still retain the protein from the previous day when you open it. The powdery taste, after a day of sealed fermentation, I would describe it as the rancid meat with the smell of rotten eggs in a big jar of pickled vegetables. Holy shit...

  Actually, this taste is because the residue of protein powder mixed with water or milk, which breeds some kind of not very cute little bacteria. The shaker bottle has become a natural petri dish.

  The main premise is

  You have to wash the cups diligently! Every time you drink the protein powder, immediately rinse the shaker bottle as soon as possible. After washing, it needs to be dried and dried, no matter what method is used to keep it as dry as possible before closing the lid.

  The Steel Ball of Artifact

  Steel wire ball can be said to be a Thanos in the kitchen cleaning appliances, no matter what strange and stubborn stains can be wiped clean. It can remove the protein powder residue that cannot be washed off inside and outside the shaker bottle, and the plastic shaker bottle does not need to worry about leaving obvious scratches. Then rinse and dry it.

  Artifact Baking Powder

  The wheat flour for baking is actually a "cleaning powder" with strong adsorption. Experienced friends know that baking powder and flour can be used as a kind of fruit surface cleaner. Therefore, it is also possible to clean the shaker bottle.

voltrx protein shaker bottle

  Pour one or two scoops of baking powder into the shaker bottle, add warm and hot water to the mixture, close the lid and shake it in the opposite direction. Shake to Grandma Bridge.

  The Vinegar of Artifacts

  Vinegar, with acidic chemical properties, makes it safe to remove all kinds of stains. In fact, the same is true for Coke, but the sweetness of Coke will make the cup not clean and become sticky.

  One or two spoons of vinegar, white vinegar is best, pour it into a pot of warm water and mix. Disassemble the shaker bottle and put it in the basin to immerse it. After soaking for about an hour, take it out and dry it, and you get a new cup!

  Mason Cup of Artifact

  can use Mason cup instead of shaker bottle. The surface of glass products is smooth. Compared with plastic cups, it is less likely to make protein powder residues stick to the surface, and it is easier to clean. There is just one shortcoming. Taking out a Mason cup in a fitness place outside of home may make men look a little bit...mother in literature and art.

  Artifact Money

  Shaker bottle smells?

  Throw it away and buy a new one. Is there anything money can't solve?