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How to drink with electric shaker bottle?

por GuoxinWei en March 25, 2021

  One, order

  We generally recommend to pour the water first, then the protein powder, otherwise the powder with the best solubility will often stick to the bottom. Fitness friends with children and milk powder must feel the same way.

  The amount of water is generally 90ml of water to make one scoop of whey protein. If it cannot be made, you can add 10-20ml of water appropriately. (Different supplements will have different water levels due to different formulas)

  In addition, the electric shaker bottle is our first choice for preparing sports supplements such as whey protein. Some electric shaker bottles are equipped with steel balls or filters in order to dissolve the protein powder more thoroughly and reduce waste.

  Second, water temperature

  We generally recommend to use cold water or warm water around 40 degrees. (Normal temperature mineral water is fine)

  Many people here have a misunderstanding, thinking that hot water will denature the protein in the protein powder and cause nutrient loss or lower absorption rate. In fact, protein denaturation refers to the change in the spatial shape and structure of protein molecules, and there will not be much change in nutrient absorption.

  It is not recommended to use hot water to prepare protein powder for two reasons. One is that whey protein will have some maltose and carbohydrates. The starch in sugar and carbohydrates will gelatinize when exposed to high temperatures and cause agglomeration . We usually cook food with cold water to melt the edible starch is the same reason.

  In addition, if the water temperature is too high and affected by the air pressure, the agglomerated powder in the shaker may spray out with the hot water and burn the user.


  In addition to water, we also recommend using milk, juice or sports drinks to prepare whey protein, so that you can better absorb some vitamins, carbohydrates and other nutrients in addition to protein after exercise.

  Of course, if it is eaten with some carbohydrate foods (such as bananas, oats, bread, etc.), the protein will be more easily absorbed by the muscles.