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por GuoxinWei en March 12, 2021

  Protein is an important word when you are spending some hours at the gym. Protein is the major player when it comes to building and growing muscles. It’s the primary reason why all those hours of exercise and weightlifting pay off.

  We all hear of protein and sometimes you even try to eat more protein-rich foods to help you increase muscle mass, does this mean you know exactly what you are doing? Or you are doing it the right way? Let’s find out

  Protein and its sources

  There are precisely only 20 amino acids and your body cannot produce the most important 9 of them called essential amino acids. So, what do you do? You get it from foods like fish, egg, meat, milk and more.

  While this sounds delicious, as an athlete (or someone trying to grow more muscle) you need more than natural foods to achieve the results you desire. This is where protein supplements or protein powder come in.

  Protein powder is quick and easy to consume and digest. They are designed to give you the proper dose of protein you need. It’s as simple as mixing the powder with water and drinking the mixture.

  Thanks to our ever-evolving world, you don’t have to whip up a bowl, spoon, and water right there in the gym or even anywhere else. You can get smoothly mixed protein powder in cups and bottles known as protein shakers.

  The best way to take protein

  Knowing you need protein is one thing, but taking protein the proper way to achieve the best results is another and we are here to guide you on this.

  Take the right amount

  Did you know that you can only absorb 10 grams of protein every hour? That is, if you drink up to 50 grams of protein shake or drink and you feel you have done something great, it’s actually going to take a total of 5 hours for all that 50 grams to be absorbed by the body. In reality, probably only 15 grams get absorbed because of the time needed for the protein to travel to the gut where the actual absorption takes place. This means about 35 grams gets wasted, and you are totally unaware of this.

  There are lots you can do increase protein absorption, starting with consuming your protein powder with digestive enzymes at the same time.

  Learn other ways as we move on.

  Take it slow

  Ding! Not only is this one of the best ways to take protein it is a sure way to improve absorption. If you sip your drink in small amounts, bit by bit, let’s say every 15 minutes or so, you would be spreading the time taken to finish the drink to an hour or more. This greatly increases the absorption of the protein in your protein drink because the action starts from the mouth, and then to the esophagus, and so on. The slower you drink protein powder, the more you can fully absorb it. Remember that next time you are chugging your protein powder drink because you think that’s how it goes.

  Mix it smooth

  This is where the quality of your electric shaker cup comes in. The smoother your protein drink, the better it is absorbed by the body. A protein drink with lumps or big particles is not easily absorbed by the body, in fact, in most cases this goes to waste. You might wonder about using that spoon and bowl or glass from earlier, but while they can be effective tools, they leave nasty lumps of powder in the drink and you will not find that enjoyable.



Take it at the right time

  Contrary to what you think, eating or drinking the right amount of protein every day is more important than how many times you take it. That said, the best time to take your protein powder drink is before and after training. Better still, an hour after your training is a splendid time according to experts because that is when your body is trying to recover.

  The role of an Electric Protein Shaker Cup in how you take protein powder – VOLTRX Vortexboost Electric Protein Shaker Bottle

  An electric protein shaker bottle or cup is primarily used to mix protein powder and aid easy consumption. It sounds simple enough so all you need to do is get one of these and shake your protein powder in them – WRONG! It’s never so simple.

  There are several brands of electric mixer cup in the market all promising you the same smooth and quality results. It can be hard to choose, but here are some features that contribute to the best way to take protein powder.

  Mixes smooth

  If you confirm nothing else confirm this or there’ no use buying an electric protein shaker. Choose a product that blends silky smooth to enhance protein absorption.

  Gives you better quality

  Using an electric shaker cup improves the quality of the protein powder drink. Believe me, you will know when you taste it.

  Eliminates the stress of handshaking

  Traditional hand shaking methods is almost the same as using a spoon and glass. You might get a few lumps. You would have stressed your arms. You would also miss out on the superior quality of a protein powder drink taste that only an electric shaker bottle or cup can give.

  So, now you know everything and one thing is clear, you need to get your hands on the right electric shaker cup. VOLTRX Vortexboost Electric Protein Shaker Bottle is everything you could want from an electric mixer cup. It’s sporty, has a powerful motor, a waterproof design, enhances protein absorption, it’s non-leaking to avoid creating a mess, and so on. An electric mixer cup makes things interesting with protein consumption. You can also get something that appeals to your personality from our variety of VOLTRX VortexBoost Electric Protein Shaker Bottle. Check out the store.