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Is the voltrx Shaker Bottle your favorite?

por GuoxinWei en March 15, 2021

  1.voltrx Shaker Bottle simple design

  First of all, anyway, this simple design. It is designed as a product, not to mention its simplicity. As a graphic design, I also like the simplicity of the logo.

  In other words, most of the logos on the protein swing machine are proteins with very large product names, and there are also many logos that promote power with fierce claims.

  However, the logo of the mixed bottle is very simple and beautiful. Moreover, as a product, it is also a very balanced and outstanding ratio.

  2.voltrx Shaker Bottle Available colors

  is happy for minimalists. From monotone colors such as black and white, to popular colors such as pink and blue, there are many color variations, and you can choose from your favorite colors.

  3. The voltrx Shaker Bottle has a simple and convenient hook

  The opposite part of the mouthpiece lid is a hook. Hang it in a bag, or keep it at home, and it's simple and active. By the way, the curve from the lid to the hook is so beautiful!

Shaker Bottle mixer

  4.voltrx Shaker Bottle Large diameter, easy to put, easy to wash.

  It feels like actually holding it in your hand. The diameter (inner diameter) of the bottle is about 8 cm, so it is easy to put protein in and easy to clean! Sure enough, there is only a shaper specially designed for protein, which is very convenient to use. Protein is basically something you drink every day, so easy to use (especially easy to wash) is really important.

  In the voltrx protein shaker, this is a somewhat expensive product, but its price, no, it is no more valuable product than that price. There is no doubt about it!

  By the way, I used 20 ounces (600ml) size, and also 28 ounces (800ml) and 32 ounces (950ml) sizes. In addition, we have a case where we can carry protein powder together. "Professional Stack

  "Also recommended!

  Because I am a beginner, I think it’s good to get in from the action, improve my mood and devote myself to training. From beginners to veterans, it can be recommended to anyone who drinks protein. This is a great protein shaker!