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Six advantages of voltrx Shaker Bottle

por GuoxinWei en March 15, 2021

  1. Perfect and smooth blending every time

  Voltrx electric shaker is the only dual-hybrid technology on the market. The shaking ball moves freely in the bottle, you can shake it, and even the heaviest ingredients can be easily mixed. In addition to ShakerBall, you can also choose to use a hybrid mesh. The mixing grid effectively forces the liquid through and breaks down into clumps.

  2, where to take it

  Super powerful carrying ring, making your new voltrx stackable shaker bottle super easy to carry. Hold it with your hands, or tie it to your bag.

  3, use the correct method to measure the part

  embossed markings show ounces and milliliters, making it easy to measure anywhere. Please note that the marking on the 28-ounce vibrating cup can only reach 20 ounces (600 ml).

voltrx shaker bottle

  4, absolutely not messy

  Your new voltrx electric shaker is tightly sealed, so you don't have to deal with any leaks.

  5. Convenient and safe

  It is absolutely safe to clean your voltrx shaker on the top rack of the dishwasher.

  6, 100% BPA- fee

  Every product in the box is 100% BPA free.