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The best shaker bottle ever

por GuoxinWei en July 15, 2021

  The best electric wine bottle opener. I applied it on Gfuel and mixed it completely, so I didn't taste any powder residue: D.

  I just dream that one day, this company will cooperate with the powerful best protein shaker bottle to make the perfect protein shake, but use the powerful cup viscosity technology.

  Because this protein shaker blender is really leak-proof, the only thing I can say is leak-proof. I have tried it many times. The quality of its construction is amazing, and the idea of ​​stacking is great. XD I put gum and painkiller Gfuel bag.

  The only drawback I want to give you is that when you wash, water will enter the pill bin and so on. It's hard to avoid, but in general, I am very happy. This product stores extra protein and supplements at the bottom for me to use directly after exercise to improve my recovery time. A big fan of this.

  I just like this protein shaker bottle. I can mix my exercise in a protein shaker first, and then put a scoop of my branched chain amino acids in a stacked container after exercise. The easy-to-connect container allows me to keep up with it. I absolutely love it.