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The smoothest milkshake ever!

por GuoxinWei en September 22, 2021



  Surprisingly, I always use a manual mixing bottle and the contents will mix, but there is always an insoluble taste in the shaker bottle. However, the electric shaker bottle was very effective at mixing the powder well, leaving a smooth liquid.

  This electric protein shaker is amazing. When you use a blender bottle, after a while you will smell horrible, but when you use these electric blender bottle walmart, you won't because it instantly mixes the powder with water to a good consistency.

  It's really good! No more clumps at all. Looks great. Takes 30 seconds and it's perfect. It's even smoother than when I used to shake it.

  I've never had such a smooth protein shake. It's like silk! I put in two 30 gram scoops of whey and it breaks down. I put in two 30 gram scoops of whey and it completely broke down without any lumps or debris. Because of this fact, the best electric shaker bottle is super easy to clean.

  So far so good, very high quality, mixes exceptionally well, and rechargeable. From the reviews, the battery is not very good. But the portable electric protein shaker bottle is rechargeable so who cares. My previous promixx miixr electric shaker bottle used AAA batteries. And I had to change them every 3 or 4 times! So any electric blender shaker bottle that is rechargeable is a win for me.