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This is a very beautiful blender bottles

por GuoxinWei en May 05, 2021

  I started eating milkshakes in the morning and bought some basic protein shaker bottles in the market. The first vibrating bottle I got was Wal-Mart’s Value Value brand. Because the design is not good, if you try to shake it, it will be cheap and leaking. Then I got this Amazon basic Shaker Bottle set, which can do whatever I want without leaking!

blender bottles for protein mixes

  Compared with the standard 28-ounce electric shaker bottle, Amazon’s basic bottle is 20 ounces. For meal replacement milkshakes, a milkshake bottle of this size fits well with the 16 ounces of liquid required for the milkshake. The small storage container at the bottom of the bottle is also very convenient, and the vibrator can be pre-distributed the next morning or when I am late for work. I think you can also use the bottom container to store snacks for yourself or your children.

  Generally speaking, I really have no complaints about this bottle of wine. Two bottles of wine are very valuable! If you want to find a small Shaker Bottle to store your fans without irritation, I strongly recommend you to use this gfuel shakers cups.