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VOLTRX miixr electric shaker bottle is definitely worth buying

por GuoxinWei en September 29, 2021


  I love this voltrx.  My creatine takes a long time to dissolve, so having this miixr electric shaker bottle battery replacement is a good idea. The mixer electric shaker bottle itself has markings that tell you how much liquid is in it. In addition, the miixr pro electric shaker bottle has an amazingly powerful power. However, the battery only lasts for a maximum of ten to fifteen cycles until it runs out. Therefore, if you want to use this miixr aa electric shaker bottle, you must remember to recharge it often. Overall, this is a great product and I highly recommend it.

  The voltrx electric shaker bottle itself is sturdy and feels great in your hand. The motor is large, but very quiet. I didn't have any clumps in my protein shake and the electric protein shaker bottle was easy to clean.

  But two weeks after I got the electric blender shaker bottle, part of the motor attached to the bottom of the bottle broke and I think I unscrewed the motor too fast. Anyway, I contacted customer service and they got back to me quickly. Their customer service was great and it made my protein mixer bottle replacement very smooth.