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Voltrx shake bottle mixer- great product and build quality

por GuoxinWei en June 22, 2021

  The electric shaker bottle has excellent performance and good manufacturing quality. Even if I fell 3-4 times, there was no major damage.

  good electric shaker bottle. I prepared this for my wife, because she eats a collagen mixture, which is difficult to decompose with water. This kind of vibrating screen can complete this work and easily decompose collagen powder.

  I am very satisfied with this purchase of electric shaker. I am used to drinking a caked protein shake every day, but I have never had a cake because of it. Excellent value for money. After 6 months, it is still very powerful.

  I have three protein shakers like this, they are really good. The oldest one is about 6 months old, I use it 3 times a day, and it looks like a new one! The quality and appearance are really great. I always add a little cold water to my milkshake mix and stir, and then add warm or hot water so that it doesn't clump!