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Fitness tips: how to clean the voltrx shaker bottle?

por GuoxinWei en April 06, 2021

  Voltrx shaker bottle is one of the must-have items for our fitness gods. Its biggest use is that it can blend the fitness milk powder evenly and completely at low temperatures. You can enjoy it with a small hand shake.

  But many people are embarrassed when using the voltrx shaker bottle! Forgot to wash after drinking. . .

  How to clean up the used voltrx shaker bottle:

  Wash thoroughly before using it for the first time, wash it immediately after drinking it, wash it right away, right away! Have you ever smelled a long-lasting protein? If you have it, wash it immediately, if not, wash it immediately

  How to remove the smell in the voltrx shaker bottle?

  Unfortunately, in this BPA-free plastic material, if the cleaning is not clean enough, a heavy odor will remain. Here are a few ways to remove the odor:

shaker proteina electrico

  1. Charcoal: Put him in the cup until it absorbs the smell

  2. Baking soda: add edible baking soda or vinegar to the cup, open the bottle cap and leave it overnight, and clean it the next day

  3. Lemon: Squeeze the lemon juice into the cup, and fully cover each cup surface in the cup

  4. Coffee powder: until the coffee powder is added to absorb the odor

  5. Sun exposure: Bring the cup to an environment that can accept sunlight and let the powerful sun take away the smell

  6. Add coffee powder, and wash the bottle after leaving it overnight

  Brewing tips/tips:

  add the liquid first and then the protein powder

  Before starting to shake, please make sure the cap is fastened, otherwise it will be spilled everywhere

  Do not brew with water that is too hot to avoid excessive pressure in the bottle. The pressure in the bottle may cause the lid to fail to open and explode.