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When is the best time to exercise?

por GuoxinWei en March 23, 2021

  In fact, the best time for fitness has always been a controversial topic, because people can exercise at any time of the day

  Exercise in the morning

  Exercise before the city is awakened

  Some people like to start a beautiful day with exercise

  Exercising in the morning helps to increase the excitability of nerves, increase the efficiency of metabolism, maintain sufficient mental and physical help, so that you can put a hundred times more energy into your day's work.

  Compared with exercising after breakfast, exercising before meals can consume 20% more calories. This is because after a night of consumption, the exercise body lacks glycogen supplementation in the fasting state, which will mobilize more fat breakdown and provide energy for the body. Long-term persistence is conducive to weight control and maintaining body shape.

  However, getting up to exercise in the morning and rest for the night may be a bit stiff. Be sure to warm up before exercise to avoid injury; drink warm water before exercise to avoid dehydration during exercise. In order to ensure a day's work and life, the intensity of morning exercises should not be too high. For safety reasons, morning exercises are not recommended for patients with hypoglycemia.

  Afternoon workout

  Someone chooses to exercise after lunch break

  At this time the physiological state is best

  Our body is more sensitive

  At this time, the effect of resistance training will be better

  If you suffer from insomnia and poor sleep quality, try to exercise in the afternoon. According to a report in the Journal of Physiology, exercise helps to regulate the biological clock and improve the sleep of people with circadian clock disorders and poor sleep quality. From the perspective of exercise time, the effect of exercise in the afternoon is more obvious than exercise in the morning.

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  But for most healthy people, sleep quality has little to do with exercise time. After exercise, our body and brain need to recover through sleep. Physical fatigue caused by exercise can help us enter a state of rest more quickly.

  For most student party members and office workers, three in the afternoon is the time for work and study. It is unrealistic to keep healthy for this period of time for a long time, and you need to adjust it according to your own situation.

  Exercise at night

  Can't get up in the morning

  No time during the day

  Evening exercise has become the first choice for office workers

  You can go to the gym to sweat, you can go to the nightclub to release energy, you can also wear dazzling equipment to run at night.

  Night exercise will increase body temperature, speed up heart rate, and help improve sleep quality. Exercise can relieve stress, relax the body and mind on a tired day, consume excess calories in a day, maintain a high metabolic level, and allow you to have high energy expenditure during sleep.

  However, you must pay attention to the time interval between dinner and exercise when you exercise at night. High-intensity exercise can be carried out within 2 hours after a meal; moderate exercise should be arranged within 1 hour after a meal; light exercise is the most reasonable half an hour after a meal.

  In addition, pay attention to the choice of exercise methods, avoid excessive strenuous exercise, and end exercise 2 hours before going to bed to avoid the effect of hypersympathetic hyperactivity on sleep. Friends who choose to run at night must choose professional equipment and pay attention to safety.

  Generally speaking, the exercise time should be selected according to the actual situation.

  If you feel energetic, have a good appetite, have a good sleep quality after a period of fitness, and your pulse beats almost or slower than before in a quiet state, it means that your current exercise volume and exercise time are very suitable.

  On the contrary, if you are drowsy and have poor sleep after a period of fitness, you can get up early and measure your pulse beats more than 6 times per minute, indicating that you are overworked or exercised at the wrong time. In practice training, the daily exercise time should be determined according to the individual's work and life.