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par GuoxinWei sur July 05, 2021

  When we exercise, we will use many exercise methods. Among these methods, some methods are very good. Among them, the scissor leg is one. If you train the scissor leg, there are many benefits to the body, such as promoting the liver. Detoxify, stabilize blood pressure, etc. So, what are the benefits of training scissors legs? Let’s take a look at the benefits of scissor legs!

  The benefits of scissor legs

  1. Promote liver detoxification

  Frequent scissor legs can detoxify our liver, because in the process of elevated legs, blood will flow back quickly, and after the back flow, it will be retained in the liver and kidneys, then detoxification and detoxification will be performed again, so it is not only It can increase our metabolism during the process of doing this exercise, and it can also help the blood detoxify again. The benefits to the body are naturally obvious.

  2. Stabilize blood pressure

  The scissor leg exercise can also be regarded as a high foot lift, and when we raise the foot high. Because Dantian training breathing can effectively reduce the burden on the abdomen, so that the dirty air in our chest can be discharged. It is of great benefit to alleviating the depression of the heart and chest and the lower mood. After the mental health pressure is reduced, the blood pressure will be more stable. Therefore, it is more recommended that people with unstable blood pressure or high blood pressure do this exercise.

  3. Unblocked Qi and Blood

  When making scissors legs, the belly button will actually help us to pass through the qi and blood unimpeded, and it will expand the pores, so that the skin metabolism will be faster.

  4. Helps sleep

  If you often do scissor legs, put your legs on the wall, and leaning against it can also allow your body to deeply relax. At this time, if you can cooperate with slow and regular breathing, and breathing more evenly, it can help everyone solve the problem of insomnia, and , After doing this exercise more exhausted, sleep will be heavier.

  Scissors leg action essentials

  1. Lie flat on the yoga mat, put your hands straight on your sides, palms down. Bend your legs slightly and lift them up to about 10 cm above the ground. This is the starting position of the action.

  2. Keep your back close to the ground, raise one leg up to about a 45-degree angle with the ground, and lower the other leg slightly. Then repeat the above action on another side.

  How many scissor legs are effective

  There is actually no strict requirement for the number of scissor legs, but some netizens said that they have to do 100-150 per day to be effective. In addition, if you want to use scissor legs, the most important thing is persistence.

  It will take half a month to do scissors legs, but weight loss does not depend on how much exercise you do, but on how much your body absorbs and releases every day, so a reasonable diet is required. In addition, doing some other exercises will come faster, such as running, abdominal crunching and so on.