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A detailed tutorial on the essentials of the incline bench press

par GuoxinWei sur June 16, 2021

  In fitness exercises, the incline bench press is a good exercise, and at the same time, it is a very effective exercise. Of course, the benefits of the incline bench press are many, but there is a particular need to do the incline bench press, such as correct movements. The essentials, the correct breathing method, etc. are exquisite. So, what are the essentials of the incline bench press? Let's learn about the Incline Bench Press together!

  incline bench press action essentials

  1. Preparation position: The barbell is located directly above the eyes, and the hands are slightly wider than the shoulders to hold the barbell; the feet are firmly on the ground, the hips are tightened, the abdomen is tightened, and the shoulder blades are retracted so that the upper back is flat against the stool.

  2. Out of the bar: Inhale and hold, move the barbell to just above the collarbone; adjust breathing.

  3. Fall: Slowly fall to the upper edge of the pectoral muscles, the barbell is about 1~2 cm away from the body.

  4. Push up: After a short pause at the bottom, push up to just above the collarbone, with the upper back still flat against the stool; squeeze the upper chest.

  5. Back to the bar: After the last time, put the barbell back on the rack.

  Incline bench press breathing method

  Exhale when pushing up, and inhale when falling. When doing heavy exercises, hold your breath in the process of falling and pushing and adjust your breathing at the highest point.

  Where is the incline bench press exercise?

  When doing the incline bench press, our whole body is slowly pushing up the dumbbells. That is to say, in the process of doing this exercise, the most important part of our body is the chest muscles. , During the action, we should not use the strength, but use the strength of the chest muscles. After lifting the dumbbells, the chest muscles will work to make the chest muscles more developed. Therefore, the most important thing about the incline bench press is to help you exercise your pectoral muscles. Of course, other parts will also have corresponding exercises. For example, our arms are also involved in certain exercises, but the most important thing is to exercise the chest.