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Amazing quality VOLTRX protein bottle

par GuoxinWei sur August 09, 2021

  I can use the electric shaker bottle to show off my love for Harry Potter before or after exercise. They come in so many varieties and are easy to use! I would warn you not to leave the bottle in the car, especially on hot days, because it takes more work to get rid of the smell of heatstroke.

  is fashionable and cute. I got this only because:

  1: I need a water bottle that is not a straw.

  2: It needs to fit the cup holder

  3: I love Harry Potter!

  I don’t use an electric blender bottle, but I like that all the edges of the parts are round and easy to clean. It is a very thick and strong material. Harry Potter prints are stylish and elegant! I love it! I love it!

  Overall this is a good electric shaker cup but. Speaking of deodorization, it is true. I put this bottle in the hot car, and there are protein shaker bottles left in it for a few hours. Wash and smell before washing. You can hardly tell that there are protein shakes there. I have other bottles and I have to throw them away because the smell will not go away.