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Buy VOLTRX Shaker Bottle, value for money

par GuoxinWei sur July 01, 2021

  decided to pick up these to help me use meal replacement powder, because even if I use the electric blender bottle, I still have the problem of lumps; a lot, a lot of mixing.

  -Review: Meal Replacement Powder-

  The top is wide, nothing new, but it's still very good compared to the choke

  Stirring ball, no lumps even at the bottom

  easy to clean, just rinse and dry

  Rotatable rubber band, all the way down at a 45 degree angle

  -Long comment-

  I expect this will be one of the products "seen on TV". You know. People who claim to be shit but are completely rubbish want to make money quickly-but I am surprised.

  8 ounces of milk, 1 piece of thick milk powder and less than 12 milkshakes, I drank a smooth drink. This makes the portable blender bottle a little frothy, but honestly, it's not a big deal to me. I even tried to see how I would deal with it if it doubled after the fact, that is when I encountered more problems when I did it manually. Again, no problem! If there are no lumps, use your fingers to dig the top, spoon, and bottom. You can't find a lump here.

  I really appreciate the mobility of the small ring and a little soft glue. I like the fact that there is no small glue seal; because the protein mixer cup is very annoying to clean, and it will definitely hide some serious old bacteria. They cannot be completely removed without removing them. of.

  I just hope I can buy only one bottle of electronic blender bottle (not selected) through Amazon Fresh, but I still use these frequently. I also hope they have more color choices. I am a blue fool.