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Best for protein powder! VOLTRX electric shaker bottle is durable, easy to use and clean!

par GuoxinWei sur July 05, 2021

  I am very impressed with this anime shaker bottle version. I have used a lot of electric shakers, lost them, tried every version, and this one took the cake. For the protein shake powder I drink every day, electric protein shaker argos is the best brand. As you can see in my photos, my milkshake is very smooth, even a little frothy. I use gnc high protein thin milkshake powder and almond milk. This bottle is very strong stainless steel, but it is very light and definitely more durable than I thought. There are a corresponding number of measuring lines on the outside, and then on the opposite side of the inside, you can see the steel line, so you can easily measure because it is opaque. My first photo shows these lines inside. The top of the lid is transparent, you can look inside to see if your vibration is enough. I like the screws on the lid and the screws on the lid. The separate hook of the protein shaker mixer is easy to clean. It is also a small rubber, which can hold lids and lids. The hook is also flexible rubber. It's easy to unscrew the lid to drink, and it doesn't drip anything on me.

  I have been using this promixx miixr electric shaker bottle for nearly 3 months for my protein shake and daily water container. It keeps my milkshake cold for several hours. With ice, it can easily refrigerate liquids for up to 12 hours (24 hours is written on the product page, but I have not tested it). I have already recommended this project to friends who like to mix protein shakes and milk at home before going to the gym because they can't stand the warm water provided by the gym. I was worried that the stirring ball would scratch the container wall and make noise, but neither of these things happened. I highly recommend this insulated electric protein shaker b&m to anyone who has a standard mixing bottle and wants to refrigerate the liquid for longer. After using the blender bottle for more than a month, I have to say that I am really impressed. The bottle does not sweat, it keeps my smoothie cool all day long without leaking water, and without any technical or quality issues.

  Best electric shaker bottle is easy to clean. I like the integrated handle. Although I found that some smoothies may fall into the hard-to-reach area at the top, the drinking spout at the top of the spiral is safe. I have to use a thin folded paper towel to clean the areas where the water does not flow out. After washing, I didn't notice any lingering taste of past smoothies.

  is a larger electric shaker bottle, 26 ounces (I believe the description is 24 ounces), but I like this size and will buy another one.