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Everything you need is in the electric protein mixer, nothing you don’t need

par GuoxinWei sur July 08, 2021

  This product is very suitable for my intended use. My only problem is that I have to clean the best electric protein shakers before use so that they can dry properly, otherwise the water will stay in the crease of the lid and enter the powder I store inside. But this is a small problem, otherwise the product is easy to use, it has been used for a few months. I did not try to wash it with a protein mixer cup, I can only wash it by hand because I am worried that it will melt/shrink due to the heat in the dishwasher. In general, I would recommend this protein mixer machine price!

  I picked this up because the last electric shaker of another brand of mine started to leak from the lid. (not good)

  I chose this model because I can separate it and put it in the extra compartment of my gym bag as the pre-mix/weighing part to be used.

  My only complaint is that the electric shaker machine is a bit annoying to clean, because I have to take everything apart for cleaning. Without drying racks, it may be difficult to dry lids, shakers and bottles

  I need an electric shaker motor that can hold protein powder. I can take it to work. The large container contains a scoop of protein powder, and the small container can be used before exercise, snacks, or any other supplements you take. According to my preference, the bottle itself is small, but if you attach the container to it, you don’t want it to become larger. I like how to put everything in one place instead of finding multiple electronic blender bottles in a backpack or gym bag.