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How to choose the weight of shoulder training is good for big weight or small weight

par GuoxinWei sur May 13, 2021


  When we do some shoulder training movements, we often use dumbbells and barbells as two kinds of equipment, the weight of these two kinds of equipment is free to choose. The choice of weight is related to the efficacy of our later movements.

  How to choose the weight for shoulder training

  We can divide the training into two types, that is, incremental or decremental, of course, if you are strong enough, both types are also feasible. However, we have to choose the weight according to our ability and not overestimate our situation.

  I. Incremental

  For this mode of exercise, generally applicable to the slow type of friends, that is, with the increase in training load, you can show a more powerful ability, then the weight needs to increase from low to high, as to what degree of low, and the highest to reach how much will be based on their own circumstances.

  Because our training time is limited, so you can not start from the minimum weight, that will take a lot of time to feel, if you are just starting to train shoulders, you can try to do this up, find the right sense of weight is your minimum weight. Because we usually do four to five sets of each movement or even more, so it is important to arrange the interval reasonably well, you can do it in five kilograms as a segment upwards, and try your maximum weight directly when the last set is done, and do it a few times if you can.

  Second, decreasing type

  For the decreasing training mode, it is relatively more suitable for people whose enthusiasm for training is gradually decreasing, and it is also the situation that most people will be in, so start with the maximum weight at the beginning, and the more you go to the back, the smaller the weight will be, and you will not be so resistant, so the difficulty is also decreasing.

  This method is like facing the exam, the first part of the difficulty, that is, the largest score to do, and then to do which is easier part, so that you can always stabilize their emotions, back to the training is the weight gradually reduced down.

  Then the very first maximum weight, of course, we have to have sufficient warm-up after the exercise, so do not try their maximum weight without preparation, then the same to five kilograms as the interval, down to do, four to five groups can be.