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How to supplement protein for fitness enthusiasts

par GuoxinWei sur May 09, 2021


  Protein supplementation is often the most important thing for fitness, because the body is like a sponge that squeezes out water after a lot of exercise. It needs to absorb nutrients to replenish the body. At this time, the two key elements of muscle growth are protein and carbohydrates. In particular, protein must be supplemented in time, otherwise the muscles will immediately stop breaking down due to training and become a state of synthesizing muscle tissue. What is the impact of lack of protein in a fitness party, especially for people who love fitness? Let's talk about it below.

  The importance of protein

  Many people don’t know much about protein. Know that protein is an important part of immune cells in the synthetic immune system. Protein is composed of amino acids. Although there are more than 20 kinds of amino acids in protein in food, most of which can be synthesized in the human body, but there are 8 kinds of amino acids that the body cannot synthesize or the synthesis is small, so they must be ingested from the diet to maintain protein Physiological needs. Known as "essential amino acids". Our normal human body contains 16%-19% protein, which is about one-fifth of the total body weight. Therefore, if the human body lacks protein, the immune function will be reduced and our health will be impaired. After understanding the importance of protein, the process of fitness is the process of muscle tearing and re-synthesis. Muscles need to be supplemented with enough high-quality protein to grow better. So high-quality protein is very important for fitness. Protein comes from daily diet, such as eggs, chicken, fish and so on. But because our usual dietary intake is insufficient, we can only get it from protein powder.