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I love this electric shaker bottle!

par GuoxinWei sur September 17, 2021


  One of my favorite things to buy. It's expensive for an electric protein shaker, but worth every penny. I have tried a few different brands and by far voltrx is the strongest. I can pour a whole scoop of powder into the bottle, but it just destroys it and doesn't leave any hard lumps.

  Almost every day! I like to use the electric blender bottle walmart to mix my pre-workout/energy powder drink. I'm happy to dissolve it completely.

  I've been using this best electric shaker bottle for a few months now. It works very well. Make sure to activate the spin before adding any supplements. I don't shake it because the portable electric protein shaker bottle mixes very strongly and doesn't require me to manually shake it again. The only problem is that the mixing blades are plastic and I don't know how long they will last. My dog chewed my lid once and I sent a message to voltrx and they immediately replaced it with a new electric protein shaker bottle, so if you need a portable blender bottle be sure to choose VOLTRX.