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My experience after using voltrx blender bottles

par GuoxinWei sur April 27, 2021

  Great product! No holes or cracks! I used my milkshake for dinner. If I overflow, there will be no problem. I have other glass shaker bottles, I always leave a large piece of protein for swimming or sitting on the bottom of the bottle. Everything is mixed up in this way. From my protein or green powder for my daily green. Must pass

  awesome. Shake it and it won't leak. I have used most of Bill's glass shaker bottles before they leaked. This is leakproof. I am very happy to find this glass shaker bottle

flip it cap for bottles

  I drink a few cups of coffee every morning and add protein powder. This blender cups are very big, very suitable for me to prepare coffee/protein shakes every morning. There is no leakage. This is a good combination. I couldn't be more happy.