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My husband likes protein electric and recommend Voltrx blender cups to his colleagues

par GuoxinWei sur June 28, 2021

  I bought this electric shaker for myself because I have been using the Darth Vader that my husband found for him. But now, he seems to love this more than I gave him. Oh happy husband, happy wife!

  I bought this as my daily protein mixer bottle electric. The lid is tight, don't worry about spilling. The price is reasonable, and the material of the bottle is firm and reliable. I plan to buy more protein shake mixer electric in the future. And the design is very cute.

  As someone who likes to use these when I exercise, run or run, this is a good "pun". A great gift for all brothers and sisters!

  Great little electric protein shaker bottle. Super cute and good quality. I use it with almond milk and protein powder every morning and it works very well. It always mixes well, so far there is no leakage. highly recommended. Finally, I bought an electric protein blender bottle.