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Portable electric shaker bottle, have you used it?

par GuoxinWei sur January 24, 2022

With the electric cup mixer, you don't have to shake any powder with your hands. It is very. Just press the button to automatically stir. This electric hybrid water bottle is rechargeable. It can also be used when there is no electricity. Strong stirring force, low noise and easy cleaning.

And protein powder and various powders are easy to stir evenly. Don't worry about clumping. Mix well and finely. I absolutely love this protein shake bottle. great for sports

Some time ago, I started using the portable mixing bottle recommended by my girlfriend. Really useful. Now I just love this protein shake water bottle. I never leave my hands! I can't help Amway.

Voltrx Portable Electric Blender Cup

Voltrx's protein shake mixing bottle has a capacity of 600ml, which can fully meet the needs of daily life. The cup also has an intimate tick design and a stirring function. Perfect for making milk tea, coffee and milkshakes!

The sports shaker also adopts the design of the large mouth, which is also very convenient to clean. Moreover, the battery life is also very strong. Can be used for 1 hour each time. I usually charge it once a month!

I started with his blue model. And the colors and shapes are very advanced. Nice to hold in hand.

Happiness in life sometimes requires just one simple step, such as:

This voltrx mixing jar can finally get rid of the impatience of foam powder caking and uneven mixing!

I was attracted by the look of it the first time I saw it. It has a streamlined shape and a large capacity of 600ml. Comfortable to carry and won't slip. Very convenient to carry.

——, stir the cereal for breakfast, stir the coffee before going to work, stir the milk tea after afternoon tea, stir the protein powder after the Yun Gong Palace party. Don't worry about putting the powder or the water first. Soak in hot water or rinse in cold water? How to wash and stir without clumping? Haha, are you upset after listening to it? with voltrx mixer cup blender

Milkshakes, coffee, oatmeal, milk tea can be easily processed at the touch of a button, and there is no pressure to stir with cold water!

The sealing silicone rubber ring at the lid of the cup and the silicone rubber sealing ring at the feeding port at the bottom of the cup can also be non-slip, not afraid of falling and leaking. Be careful with every detail. I love you