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Pull-ups to train back muscle effect is good pull-ups to train the benefits of back muscle

par GuoxinWei sur May 17, 2021


  As the back muscles are relatively large, so many people in the fitness of the more inclined to equipment fitness, think so that the back muscles can be practiced in every way. But some people say that the exercise of the back of the apparatus such as dip rowing is not comprehensive, only the pull-ups are the best action to train the back muscle.

  The pull-up is the best exercise action, it can exercise almost all the muscles of our back, except for some details, pull-ups can help us to exercise our muscles pretty well.

  The benefits of pull-ups for back muscles

  The first point is that pull-ups can strengthen the lower latissimus dorsi muscle

  The lower part of the latissimus dorsi is a very easy part to ignore, and many people ignore the lower part of the latissimus dorsi when they exercise the back muscles, even for the latissimus dorsi. Because our back muscle width is mainly concentrated in the upper part of the back muscle, in the upper part of our latissimus dorsi and the upper part of the rotator cuff muscle group and other positions, the visual effect of our lower back muscle is not very good.

  The best way to exercise the lower part of the back muscles is to use the latissimus dorsi muscle to make the shoulder joint inward, so that the muscle fibers on the outer edge of the latissimus dorsi will contract more fully, and the result is that the lower part of the latissimus dorsi is very well exercised. And shoulder joint inward such action is high pull down or pull up such action, so many people who insist on using rowing type action to exercise back muscles and not using pull up to exercise back muscles, will lack the lower back muscles.

  The second point is that insisting on pull-ups can help us do a lot of street fitness moves

  There is a time when many people like to challenge the double power arm or human flag. But these movements need us to have strong core ability and back muscle coordination. And pull-ups this action is many street fitness people most often do to exercise the back muscles of the action. When doing pull-ups, the core muscles in our body and the muscles in all parts of the back will have a good workout, so this will help us to have the basic conditions suitable for doing human flags.