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Rope skipping is better to lose weight or running to lose weight

par GuoxinWei sur May 09, 2021


  Rope skipping and running are the ways people often use to lose weight. These two exercise methods can not only strengthen the body and help us lose weight. However, many people can only choose one type of exercise when they exercise, and they can't get enough of it. Faced with skipping rope and running, everyone wants to figure out which one is better for weight loss. So do you think skipping rope is better to lose weight or running to lose weight?

  If you think that the weight loss effect of running is better than skipping rope, then you are wrong. Jumping rope can consume 400 calories for 30 minutes, while running for 30 minutes consumes 300 calories. Therefore, the weight loss effect of rope skipping is even better than that of running. If you jump longer, you will consume more fat. This is because the main energy source for medium and low-intensity aerobic exercise is fat rather than sugar.

  But for those who have just learned to skip rope, it’s impossible to jump for 30 minutes. Don’t worry, just stick to jumping for one minute at the beginning. After slowly learning, increase the skipping time accordingly until it reaches more than 30 minutes. Jumping for half an hour at a time is equivalent to 90 minutes of jogging. You can jump freely while skipping, but if you feel a little uncomfortable, stop. Don’t try to be aggressive. One more thing to note is that you don’t skip rope within 30 minutes before and after your meal.

  Rope skipping is a whole body exercise. It can mobilize most of the muscles of the body. While swinging the rope with both hands, it can also exercise the muscles of the arms. When you swing your arms while skipping rope, your leg muscles will be commanded by your brain to enter a state of alert and prepare to take off. The action of taking off is a combination of abdominal muscles and leg muscles. When skipping rope, the muscles are moving, and the body is also starting to lose fat, which is commonly known as burning fat. We naturally lose weight during exercise.