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What are the correct uses of voltrx shaker bottle

par GuoxinWei sur March 19, 2021


  Fitness enthusiasts should all know the voltrx shaker bottle, which is used to brew protein powder. There are also many novices who don’t know how to use the voltrx shaker bottle. Let’s learn how to use the voltrx shaker bottle.

  How to use voltrx shaker bottle

  1. Disassemble the shaker to clarify the purpose of each part. Lid, cup body and oscillating steel ball

  2. Take the lid, pour the protein powder into the cup, and pour warm water. Generally, pour 30 grams of protein powder into 200 ml of water (the cup usually has a scale). You can also add skimmed milk to improve the taste.

  3. Put the shaking steel ball into the shaking cup, screw on the lid, shake for 30-60 seconds, so that the protein powder is fully dissolved.

  4. Finally, you can drink it.

  5. There will always be a little residue in the cup every time you drink it. Rinse the residue with water and dry it. It is not easy to produce peculiar smell.

  voltrx shaker bottle usage video

  The magical effect of voltrx shaker bottle

  一, banana strawberry milkshake

  1, wash the strawberries, cut into small pieces, and put them in a voltrx shaker bottle

  2, break the banana and put it in the voltrx shaker bottle

  3, pour 1/3 high milk or straw milk

  4. Stand upside down the voltrx shaker bottle again, hold the voltrx shaker bottle cover in your hand, and shake it up and down until the banana and strawberry are broken.

  5. Pour in the remaining milk, shake well, and add sugar or honey according to taste.

  6. The milkshake is ready.

  二, make soft biscuits

  supplies: voltrx shaker bottle

  Ingredients: one egg and some flour

  Salad Dressing Pork Floss


  1. Beat the eggs in the voltrx shaker bottle and shake them up and down

  2. Take the flour with the elf cup, basically two cups is the amount of a four-in-one cake.

  3. You can add a little water or milk, or not, depending on your preference. I like to add less cold water. A teaspoon of cooking oil, then shake it well

  4. Pour the shaken flour in the microwave bowl. Spread it out flat, shake the bowl, let it be Hirasuke

  5. Put it in the microwave and heat it on medium-high heat for 1 minute

  6. Take it out and put on salad dressing. Sprinkle pork floss, or make some vegetables, roll it in, and then roll it into rolls, (if it is made into two, thinner, it can be used as the skin of spring rolls) with a knife and cut into small pieces, eat it xixi beware of your fingers

  3. Delicious and tender egg custard---beat two eggs into a voltrx shaker bottle, to one-third of the cold water, put some shrimp skins, and some carrot shreds (you can use a grating box to plan). Add salt, close the lid and shake it well, pour it into the microwave crystal soup bowl, it's ready in one minute. Very fragrant egg custard.

  wonderful voltrx shaker bottle magical effect

  1. Tomato healthy drink

  Ingredients: 1 tomato, purified water, honey

  Tool: Tupperware Wonderful voltrx shaker bottle 1,


  1. Wash the tomatoes, peel them, cut into pieces, and put them in Tupperware's voltrx shaker bottle

  2, add an appropriate amount of purified water and honey (no tomatoes are enough)

  3, voltrx shaker bottle, shake it up and down, you can drink in a few minutes!

  Tips: Men often eat tomatoes to prevent prostate disease!

  Supplement: Tips for peeling tomatoes: Take a spoon and scrape the surface of the tomatoes like a guasha. You can easily peel it! It saves energy than boiling water and burning with fire!

  In addition, it is really convenient to use the voltrx shaker bottle. After shaking it, you can drink it directly, saving you the time to wash more containers! It is really time-saving, energy-saving and healthy!

  Second, hibiscus tofu

  Put the eggs, tofu, green onion, salt, and salad oil in a voltrx shaker bottle and shake them well, and pour them into a food and drink container (800 or 600ML microwave bowl) for three minutes on medium-high heat, which is very quick and convenient.

  三, soak shiitake mushrooms

  Put the mushrooms in a voltrx shaker bottle and add water, soak them properly and shake them vigorously. Use the voltrx shaker bottle to hit the mushrooms to make the mushrooms start quickly. Not only does the mushrooms start quickly, but they also have a particularly good taste.

  Shake the fruit milkshake:

  Cut the soft fruit into small pieces and put it into a voltrx shaker bottle, add an appropriate amount of pure milk or an appropriate amount of yogurt (a little bit over the fruit, the voltrx shaker bottle needs to leave half of the space to shake) and shake it into a fruit smoothie, which is very sweet and delicious.

  四, making egg cakes

  Large voltrx shaker bottle, add water and noodles in a ratio of 1:1, then add appropriate amount of pepper, salt, chopped green onion, etc. and shake it into a paste.

  Small voltrx shaker bottle 2 eggs, a small amount of salt, shake well.

  Add a small amount of oil to the pan, pour in the right amount of batter and spread it out, then pour in the egg liquid, turn the cake over, and serve as an egg cake. If the ingredients are not used up, cover the voltrx shaker bottle lid, and rinse the voltrx shaker bottle behind with clean water Wipe it dry and put it on the side door of the refrigerator for easy use next time.

  五. Quick steamed custard

  Eggs: water = 1:3 (1 egg is about 2 cups of water for little elves, 2 eggs about 4 cups of water for elves)

  Appropriate amount of seasoning salt, pepper, chicken essence, etc.

  Shake well, pour it into a 600ML crystal soup bowl or a four-in-one banquet container (800ML or 600ML).

  Heat on medium heat, and select the heating time according to the amount you don’t use (1 egg 1 minute and a half, and so on).

  Take out, sprinkle with scallions, drizzle with sesame oil and other seasonings, the fragrant and delicious egg custard is ready.