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Should I drink protein drinks with Portable Blender bottle after aerobic exercise?

par GuoxinWei sur October 18, 2021


  Replenishing your body with energy after vigorous aerobic exercise helps to improve exercise performance and recovery. For best results, choose an electric shaker bottle to stir a beverage that provides a large amount of protein and carbohydrates at the same time. To provide energy for the body.

  A study published in the Journal of strength and regulation research in 2011 found that riders who drank chocolate milk after a high-intensity cycling interval had more improvement in sports performance and muscle construction than those who drank only carbohydrate sports drinks. These improvements are due to the mixing of protein and carbohydrates in chocolate milk. According to a study published in the Journal of sports medicine in 2014, protein drinks made from protein supplements can also increase strength, strength and performance.

  Once you have the right protein mix, you need to plan your nutritional time - how long to replenish energy after exercise. The goal is to drink protein 20 minutes after exercise for optimal recovery. If you replenish energy two hours after exercise, your muscle recovery will be reduced by up to 50% compared with 20 minutes after exercise. Although your recovery meal can include "real" food, if you don't feel particularly hungry or can't eat enough, this is to use the convenient and fast shaker bottle electric to make a protein shake to help you recover.

  When choosing protein drinks, please consider your personal health goals so that you can adjust your daily activities according to weight loss, muscle growth or overall health. Whey protein and Whey Isolate are the best choice for muscle growth because they are easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

  In order to lose weight and general health, choose proteins without sweeteners (dextrin / maltodextrin) made of sugar and starch. Remember that you can meet your daily protein needs with protein powder or whole foods, and protein powder does not necessarily provide the same nutrition as whole foods such as berries, Greek yogurt and dark green leafy vegetables. Every day we use electric blender bottle to make milkshakes to supplement our body, but we also need to supplement other nutrients, which will make our body better and better.