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Teaching of correct posture of rotation in Russia

par GuoxinWei sur May 05, 2021

  In life, Russian twisting is an action with many effects, I believe some people still know it. In the process of training, if you practice Russian rotation regularly, it can bring a lot of benefits to your body, but there are also particulars when practicing Russian rotation. What is the correct posture of the Russian rotation? If you don’t know, you can learn about it together,

  Russian rotation correct posture

  1. Preparation

  If you want to do a Russian twist, you first need to lie on a supportive surface. It is best to lay a yoga mat or the like on the floor, and then lie on it, like doing sit-ups with your calves and double legs. Lay your feet flat and bend your knees slightly. In order to maintain stability and balance, your feet can be twisted together slightly. Lie your upper body flat and stick to the ground. Straighten your arms, keep them perpendicular to the ground, and hold your hands together.

  2. Action essentials

  Get ready to move, and we can officially start exercising. First of all, we need to use the waist and abdomen strength to contract the muscles there, drive the upper body up, and twist to one side until the two arms can be parallel to the ground. After a few seconds, return to the original preparation posture, and then reverse Make an action in the direction of the You can also do a few sets of exercises on one side first, and then do the other side. Pay attention to a higher amplitude so that the muscles can be fully exercised.

  Russian rotation precautions

  The most important thing in this exercise is to remember that the lower body is immobile, so you must always keep your lower body in a stable state during the exercise. There is also that we should not choose too much weight when we first start exercising. When we have enough waist and abdomen strength, we can change to heavy equipment to exercise. This exercise can also help our lower body to maintain stability by using external force. In short, as long as you find a way to stabilize the lower body, you can better complete the sport.