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The best voltrx electric shaker bottle in the whole network

par GuoxinWei sur June 04, 2021

  These electric shaker bottles are great. The price is really good. It is very sturdy and used almost every day for three and a half months. The appearance is similar to the day I bought it. My only drawback is that the shape of the nozzle sometimes clamps the powder and prevents the powder from mixing properly. Similarly, sharing an office, the snap on the cover may be annoying to colleagues, but at least I know it will not be leaked and will not pop up.

  I usually cover it with water and soap to wash it, and then shake it out. (Then rinse). It's easy to use, but remember to unscrew the lid, let the edge of the lid stick into the groove of the screw, and then use the brush inside the lid. Otherwise it is easy to clean.

  Update: I used it every two days on September 2, 2016 (I bought another set and used it alternately). The only dress they show is when I cut them on the sidewalk (mainly the cover). The snaps still close very safely.

  These electric shakers are easy to use and do not leak. The ounce and milliliter markings are very useful and can make measurement easier. One suggestion to users is to add protein powder at the end. I find that sometimes when adding protein first, the protein may get stuck at the bottom of the bottle. In general, it mixes protein shakes well, fits my car cup holder, and is an excellent electric bottle shaker.