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The most correct lunge movement essentials

par GuoxinWei sur June 21, 2021

  In the fitness movement, lunge is a very beneficial movement, of course, lunge is also very useful, but lunge there are a lot of instructions, such as the action essentials, that lunge how to do the correct, I believe there are still people who know. So, what is the most correct lunge action essentials? Here's a look at the action essentials.

  Lunge movement essentials

  1. Preparatory movements

  To do the lunge, first of all, we must find a relatively flat ground, soft and hard is the best, otherwise it is likely to hurt the joints. If there is no condition, at least it should be relatively flat. After finding a good place, first maintain an upright position, and then the left foot to take a large step forward, the specific distance, you can grasp the thighs and the ground to maintain parallel, knee and toe into a straight line, and then the right leg straight back, as a support point.

  2. Start movement

  After preparing, we can start the official movement. In fact, the process of movement is very simple, that is, in the original posture, jump a little, in the jump to the left leg up, the right leg forward, into the appearance of the left leg. In order to maintain balance, both arms can be stretched out, parallel to the ground, or can be clenched into a fist and placed in the waist, depending on your situation. But the upper body must remain upright and not wobbly.

  Lunge precautions

  1. lunge exercise is best to use a barbell, rather than dumbbells, otherwise the upper body is easy to lean forward.

  2. practice method, you can first fix one side of the leg out in front, and then switch to the other side after exhaustion, you can also alternate legs out in front.

  3. lunge and lunge leg press different, each action should be withdrawn after the end of the front leg, do not fix the position of the feet in place bouncing up and down.

  4. The distance of the forward opening step is very important. Open step distance is small focus on improving the strength of the quadriceps, but the distance can not be too small, otherwise the pressure on the knee joint is too large. The distance of the opening step is larger to improve the overall hip, quadriceps and biceps strength, but the distance should not be too large, otherwise the pressure on the hip joint and across the root is too large.

  5. squat at the same time the weight forward, the two should be synchronized, stand up and the weight back should also be synchronized.

  6. to squat until the knee of the rear support leg touches the ground and then stand up, but should not use the reaction force of the knee touching the ground to stand up.