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voltrx blender bottles are super cute and the effect is very good!

par GuoxinWei sur June 29, 2021

  I use this pink protein shaker for lunch to make a protein shake. I like it very much. In addition to being super cute, it can blend my milkshake better, with less lumps than the normal milkshake cups I used before. I just need to put in the liquid and powder and press the button to walk away. I like. I no longer have to stand there with a vortex shaker bottle. Unlike my full-size electric blender bottle, it is very easy to clean. It is rechargeable and easy to carry, so I can even carry it with me. For me, if I use it twice a day (shake it once and wash it with soap and water), the battery can last about two and a half weeks, and then it needs to be charged. There are lights on the base to indicate the battery level (when you mix milkshakes, they look cool). The charger is magnetic and easy to plug in, but other chargers are not compatible. Don't lose the one that comes with it. Except that I can't add ice, I have no complaints. I like that my milkshakes are cold, so I am used to adding ice. The paddle is made of plastic and it doesn't look very strong, so I won't put ice in this electric protein blender bottle. I just make the milkshake very early and put it in the refrigerator until I am ready to drink it, so it is nice and cold.