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voltrx blender bottles can dissolve 170 grams of powder, no problem

par GuoxinWei sur June 26, 2021

  The electric bottle shaker works well. It is widely used as a muscle-enhancing agent. It is mixed into milk for about 30 seconds without lumps. This is a big improvement over the spoon I used to drink with a lot of water.

  Be sure to close the top when shaking, otherwise it will become messy.

  Shake it clean with soap and water. I can't put it down yet.

  Shake with the best blackube electric protein shaker bottle I have ever used! Tightly sealed, no leaks! Amazing content combination! I like mine very much. I bought a second one for my wife! Oh, it's easy to clean! I absolutely love this cup! Highly recommended!

  I read the comments and watched the video with peanut butter, so I had to watch it myself. I am glad I did. This tornado cup mixer is very good to me. I'm not sure what others have done wrong, but I don't have any problems. If you want, I can put my peanut butter here, it won't clump. My recommendation is to buy!