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VOLTRX electric shaker excellent battery life. Very good!

par GuoxinWei sur September 11, 2021


  Wonderful shaker bottle for mixing up some protein. Press the button and the protein shaker bottle does all the work automatically. If you use a double scoop of something, you may want to cycle it twice for better mixing.

  Just pour in the liquid and add your powder and the ice shaker bottle will stir into a vortex. Great gift idea! The epitome of laziness, but I love it! It makes my protein shakes smooth and I have never had a situation where I couldn't mix it.

  This best shaker bottle works great for the shakes I'm blending, but a little less so if I add ice for cold drinks, so for liquids I use water and ice and it works great . But the meal replacement powder is very thick, so I have to shake it by hand. And this best protein shaker bottle is very good, no leakage, can always be filled.