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VOLTRX glass shaker bottle Perfect price!

par GuoxinWei sur July 06, 2021

  I'm a broke college student, so when I looked at the shaker protein shake mixer electric, I found them to be mostly worth every penny. The shaker bottles cost over $20, but I didn't pay that much for a piece of plastic.

  I was looking for the protein shaker and found it for only $10. I am very happy with this product because it is durable, blends well, and is affordable (it also has a nice handle). All in all, I really recommend anyone who needs a shaker bottle for protein shakes to get this! Compared to other shaker bottles, this is the best value. Most are the same price, but only include a bottle of protein shaker bottle smell. as for the product itself, I love it. The refills can be placed in the bottom compartment which is very convenient.

  To be fair, it only took me a week, but compared to other electronic blender bottles, you can't beat the price of an electric mixer cup. I use these every day for my protein and super green shakes and I am very surprised at how much weight they carry! I used to always get frustrated when the protain shaker leaked because the lid wasn't tight enough, but then you tighten it up and break the top. This unit feels locked when it's tight and won't leak or break. Great shaker!