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VOLTRX protein bottle Convenient and perfect protein shake

par GuoxinWei sur July 25, 2021

  I use these protein shakers to make milkshakes in the morning and before exercise. The measuring line is very helpful because I poured 2 cups of almond milk on the line. Add a few scoops of protein powder and small tinsel, and shake for about one minute. The milkshake is always smooth, there is no "powder bomb" in it.

  When I pressed the protein shaker electric hard, there was a clicking sound when opening the lid, it really felt like a strong seal was made. So far, I have never leaked a drop of water from the lid or mouth while shaking.

  I have several versions of this protein shaker bottle (different styles and sizes-all from protein shaker blender, about 6 in total). They are all great vibrating screens, very strong and can be washed in the dishwasher. The only problem is to clean the top of the bottle where it touches the lid, but this is almost all protein bottle shakers that have this problem.

  It will not be cut. So I bought a protein shaker bottles. Actually I bought four seasoning bottles. They are awesome! They are the perfect size for two Soylent (two scoops of powder and four scoops of water...worth about 560 calories). I don’t even need to measure the amount of water I put in, I just add two spoons and fill the remaining water with water, because this happens to be the amount of liquid produced by two Soylents-very convenient, I don’t even know this Side effects of custom protein shaker. It's very suitable for drinking on the road. Now, I can quickly stir some soybeans and mix and drink with this cute glass protein shaker during the trip, instead of skipping breakfast or just eating a banana, or trying to put some badly mixed soybeans into one that may shake In the electric shaker bottle. People think this is helpful