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voltrx protein shake blender is suitable for various liquid mixtures

par GuoxinWei sur June 22, 2021

  Great protein mixer electric. I use it to make G-Fuel blends and thick protein milkshake blends, it combines everything. The steel balls of protein bottles shakers are very easy to clean, and the top lock is very firm, so there will be no splash accidents! The design is also good. ——Liquid is not top-heavy. I would definitely recommend it.

  This protein shaker bottle is great, but there is a lot of protein powder left on the bottom edge. I still need a long spoon to stir my protein shake. Disappointed, it didn't work as I thought.

  rechargeable protein mixer is still good. The lid is a bit difficult to lock, but once locked, it won't leak.

  like these electric cup mixes. I put the protein powder and almond milk in, shaking while walking. An electric mixer used to be used, but now it is gone. Much faster! I also like the large opening at the top. There used to be a large plastic funnel for protein powder, but now it’s gone! In addition, the protein cup mixer bottle cap is easier to clean thoroughly than other bottles of this type. This is the real winner.