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voltrx Shaker Bottle powerful and decent combination

par GuoxinWei sur May 05, 2021

  The material of the electric shaker bottle itself is very thick and there is no leakage. The effect of mixing plastic balls with protein powder is very good. I don't have much problem with clumping, but it depends on the fans.

  Since this electric shaker bottle has a separate container, you can take it out of the electric shaker bottle to store the dry ingredients, and then mix it into the drink when it’s ready, which is great.

  Washing the cup is easy, but I think washing the ball itself is a bit annoying because of the small dents.

  Shake bottle is not rocket science, it must be leak-proof and easy to carry.


  -Plastic balls have better miscibility than steel wires. What surprised me is. Don't clump!

metal blender bottle

  -Make a mark so you know how much liquid to put in.

  -Speaking of fans. The powder part is great because it has its own cap that can be screwed to the bottom of the bottle so that it can be taken out of the bottle without worrying that the remaining powder will be thrown away once it is shaken and mixed.

  -leak-proof bottle.

  -dishwasher safe

  -If you don't need the powder part, just take it off and use it. The bottle will still be easy to use.

  -Plastic quality and reasonable price

  -Buy two bottles at this price.


  -They should also provide bottles in colors other than blue and gray.

  -You should also choose to buy only one bottle.

  -Microwave oven cannot be used (for those who want to know)

  Absolutely recommend, get all stars.