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VOLTRX vortex shaker bottle lets you go everywhere without clumping protein!

par GuoxinWei sur September 27, 2021

  The vortex protein shaker works great! I was worried about mixing the protein correctly because the small vortex shaker bottle is rubbery, but it is good. It is very easy to use. It's a good vortex protein mixer because it has good spinning ability.

  It is not recommended to use it as a blender. Like I said before, the mixing blades in the vortex mixer bottle are plastic. Fruits, vegetables and other solids are hard to mix. I have not tried it because of the risk of damaging the vortex protein shaker amazon.

  I use the best electric protein shaker to mix my tea powder every morning. Easier than using a hand crank! Works great! Saves time! I like that the protein shaker bottle is rechargeable. I use it once (30 seconds) to twice a day and recharge it every three weeks. Plug in the USB cable and you can see the battery charge by the light on the base. When the rotation power is reduced, the battery is about half full. When the battery is half full, two spins are required to get the proper mix.

  I don't use the lid. Without the lid, I can use up to 400 ml. If you use more than 400 ml, it will overflow. You should use the lid. The motor base and best vortex protein shaker are removable for easy cleaning. I like this vortex electric protein shaker because the mixing blades don't come off.

  I used to have a blender bottle 32oz. used it for about 2 months and the blades fell off when I was spinning and it didn't work. If this vortex blender bottle is broken, I will definitely buy another one.