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What are the basic requirements of endurance training

par GuoxinWei sur July 07, 2021

  Endurance is the ability of the human body to persist in prolonged exercise. Endurance is the first thing we do when we are doing a long time sports program, so endurance training is also an important goal of fitness training, and we should follow scientific principles when we are doing endurance training. So do you know what the basic requirements of endurance training are?

  (1) Endurance training should be combined with the cultivation of the athlete's quality of will, the cultivation of mental style and the training and regulation of psychological aspects.

  (2) Endurance training should pay attention to the characteristics of the special, from the special needs to develop special endurance. Such as wrestling, judo athletes need to develop strength endurance and cardiovascular endurance; long-distance runners focus on the development of aerobic endurance; runners develop aerobic anaerobic mixed endurance and anaerobic endurance; swimmers should pay attention to anaerobic endurance training, etc.

  (3) Endurance training should pay attention to the science of breathing. Particular attention should be paid to the rhythm of breathing, the frequency of breathing, the depth of breathing and the method of breathing, etc.

  (4) While developing anaerobic endurance, pay attention to the coordinated development of aerobic endurance. Aerobic endurance is the basis of anaerobic endurance, and there is a benign migration relationship between them, and the improvement of aerobic endurance is conducive to the improvement of athletes' oxygen delivery capacity and oxygen utilization capacity.

  (5) Endurance training should pay attention to the arrangement of the system throughout the year. In the preparation period should be based on general basic endurance, the pre-competition phase, the competition period and the second phase of the preparation period (specialized preparation phase) should be based on competition-specific endurance.

  (6) Attention should be paid to strengthening medical supervision during endurance training, taking various recovery measures to eliminate fatigue, and paying attention to reducing body weight and trying to eliminate excessive fat in muscles.